Friday, December 3, 2010

glitter, sequins and sparkles. oh my!

This week is pay week - aka - Amy went to the mall this week.

I was actually on the hunt for something purple to wear to the state championship football game on Saturday to support the El Dorado Wildcats! But did you know - purple is one of the hardest colors to shop for? It's ridiculous. Anyway - that's not the point to the post.

The point is while I was looking for purple, I found a very cute blazer. It had a great shape to it and I thought to myself, "This might actually work for me?" [finding an appropriate fitting blazer for a short armed, no shouldered girl is HARD work] But here's the catch. It's silver.... and made out of sequins! Very similar to the following picture:

So you might be asking, "Ok, so what's the problem with it?" OR you might be asking "Are you seriously going to wear that?" I'm a girl. I love glitter, sequins and all things sparkly. But I also know that there can be too much of a good thing, i.e. sequins.

Some say wearing sequins is cheesy. Some say wearing sequins is classy. I say wearing sequins [in a moderate fashion] is a great thing! Especially with the holiday season! There will be plenty of parties to hit up and don't you want to make a grand entrance? Walk into a room with a little *sparkle* and you will shine. Literally. :)

Therefore, I bought the blazer. If you don't believe that this statement is "in", check out who else has been sporting the sequined blazers!

Rachel Bilson

Elle Macpherson, Mischa Barton & Shenae Grimes

Whitney Port & Lauren Conrad
[who would be two of my idols if I were allowed to have idols!]

Here are some other ways to incorporate some *sparkle* in your outfits for this holiday season!

Just make sure you don't wear all of these at once! Not only do they not match, they would make someone lose their eye sight! Or have a seizure. So please - have caution when sporting the bling!

Also - another quick tip for the bling - One thing I do before I leave to go out is take one piece of jewelry off. If you are wearing more than 3 pieces of jewelry, just stop and take a piece off. (I got this tip from Nina Garcia and her book The Little Black Book of Style - GREAT book! Must read)

I write what I know. and I know All Things Girl.

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