Thursday, January 20, 2011

she's no "dummy"

It was four years ago this month that I became friends with Alyse Eady. In the same day we became friends, we became sisters. EEE Bid Day 2007. Being the pageant fanatic that I am, of course I already knew who she was. Miss Teen Arkansas 2004. You know, the clogging, ventriloquist girl with the puppets? Little did I know then, Alyse was a lot more than just a "clogging ventriloquist girl."

Over the course of our time at Ouachita, I got the opportunity to know Alyse as a good friend. I got to see the Alyse that has gotten her to where she is now. The Alyse that is sincere and kind-hearted. The Alyse that could be the life of a crowd. The Alyse that can be reserved and quiet. The Alyse that could steal the stage. The Alyse that could humbly let someone else have the spotlight.

Alyse is not your typical "pageant girl." Typical "pageant girl" you ask? You know, the "Pageant Patty's" that are all looks and no brains. Only half of that would be true. Alyse is definitely gorgeous. That's obvious by just looking at her. But Alyse is also an intelligent, bright young woman with a warm heart. Unlike those other cold-hearted "Pageant Patties" who only look out for themselves.

Even just in her reign as Miss Arkansas, she has shown how genuine she is. I was surprised by the phone calls and texts I would receive from her. I mean, she's Miss Arkansas? She's a busy woman! Who would think she'd have time to call me and ask me about my life? Shouldn't she be calling me to tell me how busy she's been? Or how overwhelmed she is with her hectic schedule? No. It's the exact opposite actually. I can recall the first phone conversation we had soon after she was crowned. Before I could ask her how being Miss Arkansas was, she was asking me how my new job was and where my new apartment was. And I can't recall ever a complaint coming from her about being Miss Arkansas. She always talked so highly of her sponsors and directors. And she always had funny stories of when she would go visit schools.

I will start to wrap this up before some of you start thinking that I have a mini Alyse shrine built that I worship every day. I'm just so proud of my friend. I am so proud of the way she has represented not only Arkansas, but how she has represented Ouachita Baptist University as well. I think America has seen what I've seen.

I'm so thankful for that cold January day at Ouachita Baptist University. I'm thankful for the 8 women who started the women of EEE 86 years ago, otherwise I might not be able to call Alyse Eady my friend. I am thankful that I've gotten to know Alyse on a level that most Americans won't be able to reach. They know her as the talented yodeling, ventriloquism girl from Arkansas with the puppets. But I know her as Alyse Eady, my sister and friend.

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