Monday, February 28, 2011

Academy Award's Fashion Police

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, then you should know that the Academy Awards were last night. Not only do actors, actresses, directors, etc. win awards, but it's one of fashion's biggest nights of the year. And let's be honest. Sure some people care about the awards. But most people care about the fashion. So let's get right to it!

Amy Adams
Gorgeous. Elegant. Talented. Stunning. These are just a few words that describe Amy Adams. This dress absolutely fit her like a glove. It's a gorgeous color with an awesome shape. It's the perfect color to compliment her beautiful red hair. This Ginger has got it goin on! Definitely a "Best Dressed" nominee!

Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett is such a beautiful woman. But I was so disappointed in this dress. I love the color, minus the awkward yellow spots on her neckline. But the beading was oddly formed and in awkward spots. The sleeves are awful. I do like the shape of the dress and the flow of the skirt. But I'm just waiting for the curtain over her chest to come down to see a show. Sorry Cate. This is a fashion DON'T!
Celine Dion
YOWZA! Celine knocked this out of the park! Everything is working for her. The amazing dress. Great shape. LOVE the long sleeves & the neckline. Love the color. LOVE the hair! The jewelry. It's just all working together so cohesively! And the fact that she just had twins just months ago amazes me! WTG, Celine! Totally a "Best Dressed" nominee!

Gwyneth Paltrow
Oh Gwyneth. Sweet, sweet Gwyneth. This dress confuses me. I love the material. It's gorgeous. The shape is ok. But I'm confused with the neckline. I'm also confused about the mixing of silver and gold. Calvin Klein had a moment of weakness I guess. Although some didn't like her hair, I really like it. I think she could have worn it in an up-do to make this look a little classier. But the stick straight look works for her.

Hailee Steinfeld
Oh my gosh. I just want to hug her. She is adorable! SO mature for a 14-year-old! She is dressed so age appropriate. Love the hair. The headband is perfect. Love the shoes. I just LOVE her. Definitely a "Best Dressed" nominee!

Halle Berry
You can't look at Halle Berry and not see beauty. Her skin, her smile, that smoldering look in her eyes. Completely gorgeous. There was a trend of pale toned dresses this year. Of all people, Halle can definitely pull off this color. Her skin is perfect for it. I'm a tad confused about the bottom of the dress, but I think it works. The shape of this dress is fabulous.

Jennifer Hudson
Holy cow. Jennifer looks amazing. She is one of the reasons I started doing Weight Watchers! Although I'm not the biggest fan of the neckline, this dress looks great on her. I also really love her hair! Good job, Jennifer. 

Jennifer Lawrence
I admit it. I had no clue who this chick was before seeing her on the red carpet. But she is gorgeous! Even if she does resemble Stephanie Pratt. I heard a comment saying this looked like an elongated Baywatch swimsuit. And I have to slightly agree. Don't get me wrong. It looks great on her. But it's just a little too plain for the Academy Awards. Especially if you are nominated for a category! Just like Gwyneth, I think she should worn her hair up, to dress it up a little more. But it's whatever. She's still gorgeous.

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore..I'm just not sure. I like the dress. Acutally, I think I love the dress. But just not on her. Her skin is too pale. However, I think this dress is very appropriate for the Oscars. 

Mila Kunis
This chick probably has the most mixed reviews. Everyone either LOVED this dress or HATED it. Well ladies and gentleman... I loved AND hated it. Yep. I'm a flip-flopper on this one. Here's what I hated: the lace and the awkward neckline. I'm not a fan of the "almost popping out of my dress" look. But I absolutely loved the color. I think the waistline is great. I even like the way the dress falls at the bottom. I'm just not a fan of the shear-ness of this dress. If it weren't so see-through, I might like it a little more.

Natalie Portman

Gor-geous. Hot momma!!! Literally. There are so many things working for this look. The color. The silhouette. The neckline. The precious baby bump. The hair. She is an overall winner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!! She deserves a chicken dinner for parading around in heels all night long! She is totally a "Best Dressed" nominee!!

Nicole Kidman
This dress is just a fashion sin. There are so many things wrong that I don't even know where to start. Therefore, I won't start. I'll just say that I hate it. Love her. Hate the dress. We shall now move on.

Penelope Cruz
Va-Va-VOOM!! I think you know what I'm talking about. She is a ruby red firecracker! But she could probably wear a paper bag and still look hot. ::sigh::

Elle Woods..
excuse me..
Reese Witherspoon
Oh Reese. Some people liked this dress. I thought it was too plain. Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses of all time. She is beautiful. This dress makes me sad. Looks like she's going to a really fancy funeral. And her hair? Nope. Not a fan. So disappointed in Reese. But she's still one of my favorite people of all time. So in a way, she wins.

Sandra Bullock
Yes. Yes. YES! She is so FABULOUS!!! Love the dress. Love the hair. Love the make up. Freaking love Sandra Bullock!! Nominee for "Best Dressed"!!

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett is a gorgeous woman. But this dress just wasn't one of my faves. I love the color. And I really love her hair. But the details on the dress are awkwardly placed. I don't like the lace. I liked the back... but that was about it.

Guiliana Rancic
I love Guiliana Rancic. Her show "Guiliana & Bill" cracks me up! I like the color scheme of her dress, but not a fan of the shape. I actually LOVED her hair. Favorite hair of the night!!

James Franco & Anne Hathaway
James & Anne. The Odd Couple. I'm sorry.. actually no I'm not sorry. But I'm pretty sure James Franco acted lit up all night long. If you aren't sure what "lit up" means, it means high, intoxicated, whatever. Maybe that's just his personality? Or maybe Charlie Sheen should be his BFF. Regardless, he was awkward. And honestly, so was Anne. She's just nerdy. She's absolutely GORGEOUS. But her dress choices for the night were odd. Or maybe it was odd because she kept awkwardly holding her stomach, like she was trying to hide something? 

James Franco?

My favorite Anne look of the night!

Helena Bonham Carter
I'm just gonna let this picture speak for itself.

Colin Firth

Not gonna lie. Ever since "Mamma Mia," I've had an older man crush on Colin Firth. He is so PRECIOUS! His accent. His adorable smile. Love him.

Jesse Eisenberg
Mmmmm, Jesse Eisenberg. What a HOT nerd. "The Social Network" is one of my favorite movies. Even if he was a total D-bag in that movie. I still loved him!!

Kirk Douglas & Melissa Leo
What a precious moment. Kirk Douglas is such a sweet old man. Even though I had no clue who he was until Kate told me. I will take this opportunity to comment on Melissa's dress - how about this? A doily with alumninum foil underneath? don't know what a doily is? You know those lace, crochet table cloth things you've seen at your grandmothers? Yeah..that's a doily.

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves
Hottest couple at the Academy Awards! Camila Alves didn't have anything to do with the Oscar's...but she's one of my "Best Dressed" nominees! This dress is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!! Wow wow wow.

And my best dressed of the night goes to..........................


                                                                                Hailee Steinfeld

She may not have won Best Supporting Actress...but she win's my "Best Dressed" award. For whatever that's worth!! She is just adorable. Love her. Congrats, Hailee :)

Well...that's my wrap up of the night. Let me know your thoughts!

{ all pics are from E! News Online & }

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  1. Totally agree that Anne was super awkward all night. I kept thinking, "WOW... stick to acting. You are not a public speaker!"

    And I about fell over on the floor laughing at your "waiting for the curtain to open" comment on Cate Blanchett's dress! ba ha!