Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"spring"ing forward

March will be here next week. [woop woop! that's my birthday month!] When you think March, do you think spring? Because I do. But all of these thoughts of springy-ness is not helping my spring/summer fever! I love warm weather. Summer clothes, shoes & accessories are my favorite. So today's post will be what to look for when you start shopping for this spring! Are rompers still in? Gladiator sandals? And what colors will be hot this summer? Well, thankfully I'm here [with various other sources] to help you!

• Well I've got some good news and bad news. Rompers will still be hot for this spring. That's good news for some. Those who can actually pull off the look. But it's definitely bad news for all who try and don't succeed. I know better than to try and pull of a romper. I, in no way, have any kind of shape or form to pull it off. You have to have just the right size torso. Otherwise you will either have a camel toe or a saggy crotch. Neither of which are a good thing. So please have caution with the rompers. Always get a second opinion. This look could be tragic.

• I know that lots of people get married in the summer. So naturally when you think weddings, you probably think lace. Good news. Lace is in. But not necessarily the "white" lace you are envisioning when you think weddings. [Side note: when attending weddings, don't ever wear white. It's disrespectful to the bride. This will be a future blog post, I'm sure.]

• Stripes. Just like rompers, this could be good or bad news. It all depends on how you wear the stripes. If you choose a top with wide stripes that go straight across, that's probably not the best idea. If you are wanting the slimmer look, the smaller the stripe, the smaller you'll look. Also, diagonal or vertical stripes are your best bet. They will give you a better look.

OPI Nail Lacquer - Cajun Shrimp

• Bright orange/red. This is a bright and bold color. It screams summer. I personally love it. It works with almost any hair color. You can wear black and brown with it. Wear it on a top, pants, shoes, or your nails. Just don't do too much of it. You don't want people having heart attacks when they see you.

• Wedges. If you are like me and don't really wear heels that much, wedges will be your best friend this spring/summer. Wedges give you the height that you need. But they give you so much more support, rather than a high heel. They work with almost any outfit. Skinny jeans. Shorts. Dresses. Perfection.

• When you think "floral print" you might think of your grandmother. Well guess what? Your grandma might just be one step ahead of you. Floral prints are a great way to girl it up and mix it up a little. Try wearing a floral dress or romper with a faux leather jacket on top. It will give you a soft, yet hardcore girly look.

There are more styles that I'll be sharing over the next month. These are just a few to help you "spring forward" instead of taking fashion steps back.

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  1. cajun shrimp is my favorite color nail polish for my toesies...I was just telling Kiley yesterday i wished I had some here!