Thursday, March 17, 2011

"let's pack up and move to California"

Did anyone catch the Hawk Nelson lyric in my blog post title? Did anyone even listen to Hawk Nelson other than me back in junior high and high school? Hmmm.........

Anyway - in exactly two days Kate and I will be leaving for California! Saying I'm excited would be an understatement. We will first arrive to LA then we will spend the rest of the week in Palm Springs with Kate's mom and step-dad! I've never been to Palm Springs before, but I know I'm going to LOVE it. I checked out the weather for next week and other than rain [sadly on my birthday], the weather is going to be gorgeous!

Mid to high 70s and even some in the 80s! Wow! I totally can't wait.

You should definitely expect the longest blog post EVER when we return from California. Just prepare yourself.

I will now leave you with some of my most favorite pictures ever from my first trip to California... in Los Angeles... during Spring Break 2009!

Pretty sure this one is self explanatory! If not, this is Hollywood Blvd and this is the Kodak Theatre! Home of the Academy Awards!

In-and-Out burgers, fries & milkshakes...sooooooo good!!

One of my favorite Hollywood stars! MickEEEy! :)

Julie of my favorite people ever!

Blowing kisses to my boyfriends of course.. 
Brad Pitt & Matt Damon

Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives!!
They were actually filming while we were there, but we didn't see anyone! :-/

My absolute favorite pic from our trip
This was right at the end of the Simpson's ride we rode at Universal Studios! It was such a weird ride.

Eating dinner for my BIRTHDAY at the coolest restaurant called "uWink".... there were screens at each table and you ordered your food and drinks on those. It was so neat.

Oh Nate.... Kathryn is in the middle.
& Rance (who just MOVED to LA and works at Warner Brothers that I am so jealous of!)

Our waitress from our dinner at uWink. She was....friendly?

My home away from home!!!!

We got to see the old set of Friends! They moved it to a separate storage room but they set everything up so it would look like it used to during filming.

Pinks hotdogs! They were really good!! Pinks is very famous in LA.

Santa Monica Pier!!!! One of my favorite places :)

I. Love. The. Beach.

I freaked when I saw one of these lifeguard stands because they looked just like the ones in The O.C. haha one of my favorite shows :)


  1. Sooooo cool.... and I'm sooooo jealous!
    I love the pics but I didn't see one of my favorite ones.... where y'all were cracking up because of the guy standing a few feet away that kept farting..... hahahahaha!
    Have fun next week... I will be thinking of you!

  2. Those were taken on Megan's camera!! So I don't have any of those unfortunately :(

  3. Hey Chick!!!

    I saw where you commented on my wall - my dad thinks my facebook has a virus (why he thinks that... don't ask me) thus, I respect his wishes to not infect anyone elses computer by getting on my facebook. It's been pretty tragic. ha.

    Can I just say that I'm totally pumped about seeing your pictures and hearing about your Cali trip? I've never been, but want to go SOOO stinkin' bad.

    Have loads of fun!!