Thursday, March 10, 2011

you don't get a spring break in the real world

Growing up is hard to do. You have to move out, get a job, and then they expect you to not get a spring break? Psssshhh. Bump that. I'll make my own spring break. And that I am. My roommate (Kate) and I are heading to C a l i f o r n i a for the week of March 19-26. I am beyond excited. California is one of my favorite states of all time. And I'm super excited about the warmth. Cali weather is amazing.

Anyway - this post is for you spring breakers out there. Even if you don't get a spring break [and don't have enough vaca time to make your own] this can be for you as well. I mean, there's always weekends at the lake, right?

I've put together a few looks. Mainly just some spring/summer dresses and sandals with some jewelry accents... but I'll be giving you a dressy option and a casual option. That way, you can choose what you'd rather wear. Or if you want both, it'll show you how to make a day look transform into a night look with just a few different items.

If you click on the link in the caption, it will take you directly to that product. You're welcome :)



Dress from Alloy
Shoes from Steve Madden

This is a great beachy look. It looks effortless but classic.

If you want to dress it up that night, change to these shoes & accessories:

Shoes from Bakers
Gold hoops from XXI
Necklace from XXI



Dress from XXI
Shoes from DSW

I absolutely LOVE turquoise and red together. It is such a great combo. Try out this look if you are feeling a little extra bold that day.

To change to a night look, change to these shoes & accessories:

Shoes from Steve Madden
Ring from XXI
Necklace from XXI

You've probably seen these shoes on a post of mine before. I WILL own these shoes before the spring is over. I'm obsessed.



Dress from Target
Shoes from 
I love this flirty red dress! It is made of cotton, so you know it's going to be comfortable! It's just dressy enough to make you feel pretty.

To dress it up that night, change to these shoes & accessories:

Shoes from Piperlime
Earrings from XXI
Bangles from XXI


I hope these looks inspire you!! They are all pretty affordable as well. If you can't tell, I really love Forever 21's jewelry. It's cheap, trendy and there's usually at least one piece of jewelry to match any outfit.

Just remember to drive safe, get plenty of sun, and just say "NO!"........unless it's a cute guy asking for your number ;) Hollaaaaa.

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