Friday, April 1, 2011

all about me - a to z

I think it's funny to say something like all about me - a to z. Why? Because my name starts with an A and ends with a Z! Amy wentZ :) Fun fact for the day.

Anyway - I got this off Kati's blog! It looked fun so I decided to join in :)

A. Age: 23

B. Bed: Full size for now...and the most comfy bed. EVER.

C. Chore you dislike: Cleaning the kitchen. As much as I looooove cooking, I absolutely HATE washing dishes.

D. Dogs: I want a dog SO BADLY. I just stay way too busy to take care of one right now :( I looked at them online pretty much every day though! One day, I'd love to own a chocolate lab named Sophie. I'd also love to have a morkie (maltese/yorkie) or a shorkie (shih tzu/yorkie)!!

E. Essential start to each day: Putting my contacts in. If I didn't, things could get interesting while trying to put my make up on...or driving to work.

F. Favorite color: RED! this has pretty much been my favorite color since I was young!

G. Gold or silver: I used to be a gold the past year or so, I've turned back to silver!

H. Height: 5'0......alllllmost 5'1! :)

I. Instrument you play(ed): Piano & violin.. I still play piano a little! Violin - not so much..

J. Job title: I like to call myself an administrative assistant.....but I'm actually just the receptionist. haha

K. Kids: Zero. Nada. None. But hopefully one day..... :)

L. Live for ______: God. 

M. Most embarrassing moment: I've had quite a few embarrassing of which was me completely falling down a flight of stairs my senior year of high school. We had just been in a pep assembly and I stood up the whole time. I'm pretty sure I locked my knees..because 10 minutes later when I was walking down the stairs, I blanked and then when I woke up and I was at the bottom of the stairs.... And of course it was in between class periods so EVERYONE in the hall saw me. Sweeeet.

Oh....and I got hit by a car once. Got tied down to a stretcher with a neck brace and they wouldn't let me move my body for a good 10 minutes while on the cold ground.... did I mention this all happened RIGHT in front of Wal Mart in the parking lot?.......Awesomeeee.

N. Nickname: Ames. Amy Lou. Aimster. A few other choice nicknames that I will not share...simply because I despise them.

O. Overnight hospital stays: None thankfully!! Only a few outpatient procedures done.

P. Pet Peeves: People chewing with their mouth open and/or chomping on their food! OH. MY. GOSH. It is so freaking annoying.

Q. Quote from a movie: "Big gulps, eh? Welp...see ya later" ..... "Do you call Snowflake at home? Does he know your name?" ........ I think I love Jim Carrey?

S. Siblings: Two - Jim Bob (31) and Natalie (29)

T. Time you wake up: Depends...if it's a work-out morning, I wake up at 4:55 a.m. If it's a non-work-out morning, It's usually around 6:45ish.

U. University attended: Ouachita Baptist University!! The best school ever. EVER.

V. Vegetables: Green beans are my absolute favorite veggie ever. But I also like asparagus, corn (especially corn & cream cheese..yum!) and purple hull peas! Yummm. Oh and fried okra!! 

W. What makes you run late: Sleep. I can't ever seem to get myself out of bed in the mornings. It's the hardest task of my day.

X. X-rays you've had: I've had x-rays on my back & tailbone area...and my teeth? I think that's it.

Y. Yummy food you make: Everything I make is yummy :) haha juuuust kidding. Some of my favorites that I make are cheeseburger & fry casserole, shrimp fettucine Alfredo (homemade Alfredo sauce), chicken wraps (also known as chicken fajitas lol), and my homemade fried rice! SO simple and easy to make and it's soooo yummy. Just not very good for you... haha

Z. Zoo animal favorites: the pandas at the Memphis zoo! and the polar bears there too!

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