Thursday, June 2, 2011

strawberry cakeballs

So a group of my co-workers and friends get together once a month and we all play Bunco! This month is my month to be "hostess" but since I have a little apartment and can't fit 12 ladies in it, Madaline is graciously letting me use her house! ((Thank you, Maddie!!!)

Part of being hostess is being is charge of the food! I decided to make mini turkey & swiss sandwiches, little pigs in a blanket, strawberry cakeballs and fudge brownies! & Madaline is making little tortilla pinwheels with cream cheese! ::YUM::

Today I wanted to share with you how to make the strawberry cakeballs. Most of you already know how to make cakeballs, but there were a few people that wanted the recipe when I tweeted pictures of the finished result!


1 box of cake mix - your choice
(and other ingredients on the back of the cake mix box)
1 can of frosting - your choice
1 package of almond bark
(that's really just chocolate in bar form that you can melt. 
You can do either chocolate or white chocolate)

Bake the cake as instructed on the back of the box.
Let the cake cool.
Break up the cake into crumbs and put in bowl.
Mix in the whole can of frosting in with the cake crumbs.
--at this point, I put the bowl in the fridge (or freezer) to let it really cool so you can form balls easily--
Once the cake/frosting mixture is cooled completely, you can form the balls.
I place the rolled ones on a baking sheet and even put them back in the fridge or freezer to make sure they are good and solid before I try and put melted chocolate on them.
Once they are firm and solid, roll them around in the melted almond bark.
I pour a few sprinkles on them while the chocolate is still soft.
Place on wax paper to let the almond bark harden.


There you go.

You can try this with any kind of combination of cake and frosting.
Some of my favorites are:
Red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, white chocolate almond bark
Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, milk chocolate almond bark
Yellow cake, chocolate icing, milk chocolate almond bark
Spice cake, cream cheese icing, white chocolate almond bark

Hope these are a hit tonight at the Bunco party!

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