Wednesday, January 4, 2012

catching up

Well its been a couple of weeks since I've last updated my blog! Since my last update, five major occurrences have happened.

1.) MERRY (belated) CHRISTMAS!! My amazing job (working for the best school on Earth - Ouachita Baptist University) allowed me to have over a week off for Christmas. I am so thankful for that. I got to spend all of that time with my family. I got most of what was on my wish list! I'm mainly just thankful to have all of that time spent with family, especially all four of my beautiful nieces.

Neela Kate

Alexis, Addyson, Neela & Faith

Addyson Claire

The Cash Family Grandkids with spouses

My sister-in-law, me and my sister!

Neela showing off her Christmas present & Addyson saying "Help me!"

Faith. Lexie & Addyson with their cousins Matthew & Ella!

2.) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! That's right. It's officially 2012. Scary, right? Ya know..since the world is supposed to end and all. (of course I'm kidding) With that said, it IS a new year. So you're probably expecting a new year's resolution. Here's mineNew years resolution: not to care so much what others think and just be me living life with no regrets!! It's time to start taking care of myself. Meaning: I usually tend to care way too much what other people think of me. While I'm getting dressed I would find myself asking, "Are people going to think this is cute? Will they think it's ugly?" But now, I just choose not to care. I choose to dress how I want (usually for comfort) and not think twice about it. I am who I am. If you aren't down with that, you aren't worth it to me.

3.) MY BEST FRIEND GOT MARRIED!! That is right. My best friend and roommate of two years, Kate (Shell) Cooper) got married!! The ceremony was at Geyer Springs and her reception was at the Crowne Plaza hotel. It was such a wonderful weekend to celebrate! I couldn't be happier for her and Adam!! I know they are perfect for each other!

Kate & Neela

Neela was Kate's flower girl!

Best friends with the bride!!

The beautiful bride!!
Kate's photographer was AMAZING!!! 
Her name is Imelda and you should definitely check her out!!

Loving on my cute little niece of a flower girl :)

4.) MY OTHER BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAGED!! My best friend of almost 12 years, freshman year roommate, pledge sister and twin sEEEster is engaged!!! Samantha and Ryne are so great together. I am so so happy for them...and I just so happen to be Samantha's maid of honor and official wedding planner!!! So let the planning begin.... :)

5.) MY OTHER OTHER BEST FRIEND IS PREGNANT!! Brooke (Belcher) Seals is preggoooo!! She told us this past weekend while we were all together for Kate's wedding!! I have been praying for Baby Seals every night since Brooke told us!! Aunt Amy can't wait to spoil that little baby :) I mean after's what I do best!!!

Oh and if you didn't know already...I colored my hair after Christmas! :) Decided to go with an auburn shade and I love it!! There are my life updates for now...until next time. Keep calm and fulfill those new years resolutions!!


  1. Hey Aunt Amy i love you so much!!!!

    I love the christmas pictures of us!!!!

    Love Lexie

  2. hi i wanted to tell you that i love you so much