Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Living the Auntie life!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my nieces? What a silly question. Of course I have. I haven't done a post about my nieces in a while - and they've been really on my heart lately. {Click here to see how much they've grown in just a year and a half!}

I decided to Google "niece quotes" and let me just tell you...don't bother. There's not much out there. However, I did find this cute little poem - no big fancy words. Just a simple expression from an aunt to her niece:

I couldn't love you more if you were my own,
I'll never forget the day you were born.
I share your triumphs, your joy, your pain,
I'll be beside you every step of the way.
Watching you grow over the years
has been a gift I hold so dear.
Always remember I'm here for you,
in all that you become and do.

My four nieces are the sweetest girls I will ever know. I've gotten the chance to spend more time with them in the past six months and I have absolutely LOVED it. I love being around them. Loving on them. Playing with them. They bring absolute joy to my life. I am constantly thinking about them - wondering what they are up to. How school is going. Who they are playing with. Is someone being mean to them? Are they getting along with others? It's almost like I am another mother for them - being someone who is constantly worried about them. But most importantly, someone who is constantly LOVING on them. Of course, they don't need another mother. Their mother's do a fantastic job! They are so lucky to have such great moms. (I'm pretty lucky with an awesome mom too!)

I do want to take this time and share just a little bit about each of them. They are all so unique and have grown up so fast. I want to be able to remember them how they are right now. Before they are driving, graduating high school or God forbid - dating! (That thought makes me want to cry.)

Alexis is the first-born niece. She was the first one to give my parents their grandparent names - MawMaw & Pops! Lexie is now 10 years old and getting SO TALL. She will for sure be taller than me. (which isn't really saying too much, since I'm only 5'0!) Lexie loves school and loves to read. She also loves playing outside and her most current hobby has been taking gymnastics! She has LOVED it! And she has learned so much in such little time. She has grown into a beautiful young lady. She is sweet, but I believe she would make a great lawyer one day - seeing as she likes to argue a bit :) But I know she will be successful in life, no matter what she does!!

Faith is Lexie's sister, and the second-born niece. Faith is a firecracker, but she has one of the most sensitive souls. She is a spitting image of her father (my brother). Faith LOVES to be most of the time. She loves to jump on the trampoline and ride 4-wheelers. But she also loves to dress up and put make up on! Faith also loves gymnastics and has learned so much since they started! The thing about Faith is - once she has her mind made up, there's no turning back for her. She's been very determined in learning new skills in gym. And she suuuure is a Daddy's girl! :)

Neela is the third little girl to come into my life. When my sister was pregnant, we always discussed how we thought Neela would be such a meek & mild baby, seeing as her mom & dad were both that! But she has surprised us with her very extraverted personality, and I'm loving every bit of it! Neela loves to give kisses and lovin. She also loves to be tickled! (And her laugh is contagious!) Her favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! She loves to ride in the buggy at the grocery store and wave to people that walk by. She occasionally shouts out "HEY!" to them as well :) I am thrilled to be her god-mother. I can't wait to see her personality grow even more as she gets older!

Addyson is the most recent to be born and I can't believe she will be two in August! Addyson is such a funny little girl. She amazes me how she can be so content just playing by herself, but she also loves playing with her sisters (Alexis & Faith) too! She loves to play with blocks and baby dolls. She will take blankets and wrap up her babies and pretend to be their mommy. She will love on them, feed them and change their clothes/diapers. She is so independent :) Addyson also likes to give kisses & lovin! One of her favorite things to do is swing! She likes to yell out "WEEEEE!" when you give her a big push! She has such a sweet spirit :)

I could go on and on and on about these girls. I would love for them to stay this young forever, while they think their Aunt Amy is so cool and fun :) But I know they have to grow up eventually. And hopefully that "cool and fun" image will stick with me for the rest of their lives. 

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  1. They are all so cute! I LOVE being an aunt to my 2 nieces. It is so much fun.

  2. And what a wonderul auntie you are! It's no wonder those girls' faces glow when they see their Aunt Amy!

  3. I love being an aunt - I have claimed many more nieces and nephews than the 2 biological ones I have. One of my favorite poems is "An Aunt's Heart" - they have a boy and a girl version :)

  4. I love being an aunt - I have claimed many more nieces and nephews than the 2 biological ones I have. One of my favorite poems is "An Aunt's Heart" - they have a boy and a girl version :)