Thursday, June 28, 2012

oh me, oh my...

I apologize for not keeping my "blog once a week" promise I kind of made. I've had a little writer's block lately! I'm also struggling with the thought of having two separate blogs - one for "all things girl" and one personal one. Then again, I might just start journaling my personal thoughts and keep this blog for strictly "all things girl". I know since it's my blog, I can blog whatever I want. But I don't like the inconsistency of it. Anywho - guess I'll get along with this post.

Last weekend, I had the most fun in one of my favorite cities ever: DALLAS!! (I'm also obsessed with the TV show...anybody else?) A college friend was getting married so I decided to make the trip and spend some time with my bestie, Bethany! The wedding was wonderful and the reception was a blast! She had an awesome DJ and guess who caught the bouquet??

That's right!! I totally caught the bouquet. That makes three times now! I'm hoping for third times a charm! The rest of the weekend held shopping in downtown McKinney Square (including the store Bloom - love love love), drinking some of the best sweet tea I've ever had, chocolate covered donut holes (they were just as delicious as they sound) and some yummy morning coffee!! I cherish my weekends in Dallas. They are so good to me!

And this is old news, but my one of my bestie's is preggo!! Brooke was my college roommate for three years and my first friend to get pregnant! She's having a little boy and they are naming him Parker Warren! (Warren is Brooke's husbands name!) How precious is that?

Isn't she glowing?! Well, I'm in love with Parker already and I haven't even met him yet!! We're having a shower for Brooke this weekend, so I'm definitely looking forward to some fun girl time! #girltimeisthebesttime

Here's to having a good weekend!!

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