Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hey! What's in that bag girl?

My fellow OBU alumni, Catherine Sims, is posting on the blog today as part of the Southern Girl Blog Hop!


My grocery bag is an ever changing mix of things.  My eating is moody and I might want all carbs one week and fruits and veggies the next! I have developed some favorites though and they always seem to show back up.

Lets start with breakfast.

It's no secret that morning time is not pleasant for an insomniac such as myself.  I don't typically feel very good when I wake up and all I am in the mood to consume is coffee, coffee and more COFFEE!  Slim fast is something that I don't use for the waist slimming benefits but instead to ensure that I'm at least getting SOME kind of nutrients in my body to start the day. I'll drink any of the chocolate flavors, they're all great with coffee :)

Not a chocolate person? Don't drink coffee in the morning? I am OBSESSED with Naked's Green Machine! It has tons of fruits and veggies in it and it tastes AMAZING! Only downside? It leaves a LITTLE bit of a weird aftertaste but solution, down a glass of water and chew some gum!

What if you want a solid option? I LOVE fiber one bars! They're good for you, they're low calorie and it's easy to eat while at your desk!

Mylunch addiction!  I'm one of those people who gets on a certain kick and don't like to stray from my routine.  I never get tired of mixing a can of tuna (in water) with spicy mustard and pickled relish.  This combo is basically no calories so I throw it on a carb like whole grain crackers and I'm good to go!

Last but not least!! As for an afternoon snack, I could eat an entire box of fruit leather! It's all natural, pressed fruit and it's as good or better than a fruit roll up! My favorites are raspberry and apricot and they can all be found in the organic section in Kroger!

So that's it! Short and sweet! I hope you give at least a few of them a try :)

Peace, love, and yummy healthy food,


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  1. Love all this! Thanks for sharing Catherine! Some great new food options! I love the tuna idea for lunch because I eat on the go every day! Thanks1 =)