Saturday, October 16, 2010

I don't love fashion.

Sorry for not blogging too much this week. I've been sick, but feeling much better now! Since I was sick, my parents came by to check on me last night and my mom brought me some magazines to read. (She knows me so well.) I started thumbing through them last night and got really sad all of a sudden. I was looking through some of the high fashion ads and that's when it hit me. How can I ever support an industry that is driven from everything I'm against? It drives girls to eating disorders, encourages people to drop boat-loads of cash, and supports all things material. How could I ever love such a thing?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we can't have nice things. I think as long as we are consistently giving to the church, paying our bills and spending a little of what's left over (in that order), it's not a bad thing to want nice things.

I think when I say I love fashion, I really just mean clothes. Sure I might like looking at pictures hot off the runway, but honestly I just love clothes. And all things that go with clothes. Shoes. Jewelry. Handbags. I love how wearing an outfit can make you feel on top of the world. Give me a button down, pencil skirt and a pair of heels and I feel like I could run the country. Sure, some might say that's shallow. "Our identity should come from being faithful women of God." And I agree. God should be our Sustainer and Comforter and we should have much confidence in knowing He will always love us no matter how short, tall, fat or thin we might be. But I think it's the little things that can help our self esteem that day, one being the outfit you wear.

With that said, I think it is very important to dress to our body type. This could probably be a whole other blog post, but I really wanted to add this in. Every woman is different. We are all different shapes and sizes. And I absolutely love that God made us all unique. But with that, too many people try and wear the latest trends and it might not be the most flattering to their body type. I have been guilty of this in the past. But it is important that we accept who we are, that extra 10 lbs and all, and dress to our body type. If you are short, don't wear boots up to your knees. It's just going to visually shorten your legs. If you are tall, don't wear a mini skirt accidentally exposing your bum. Let's just be honest and say that looks somewhat trashy. If you are thick, don't wear a tight shirt with horizontal stripes on it. It's just going to make you look wider. If you are thin... well.. congratulations. Not many things look awful on you. Just promise not to gloat about it too much! :) If you aren't sure if you are dressing to your body type, take me on your next shopping trip! I will show you some great basic pieces to keep in your closet that you will be able to mix and match. I might not be Clinton & Stacey, but I would sure enjoy trying to be!

So no, I don't love "fashion". I love helping people gain that extra bit of confidence they need for that Manic Monday at work.

I write what I know. And I know All Things Girl.

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