Thursday, October 14, 2010

Think Pink

Pink has never really been one of my favorite colors. Yes, I'm a girl and yes I love all things girl. But I've just never come around to loving pink. But today, pink has a very significant meaning.

Today, I wear pink to support breast cancer awareness.

I've gone my whole life hearing about breast cancer. Hearing stories of women who fought to their death.  Hearing other stories of women who fought and survived. And I've thought, "Man, that must really stink for them." But yet, I did nothing to help. Until I met Mrs. Williams...

Mrs. Will, what her students like to call her, was my 11th grade English teacher. She is full of life and energy. Until I was in her class, I didn't know she is a breast cancer survivor. And then it made sense that she is so full of life. She's so thankful to have her life. That was the first year I was involved with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Little did I know, this would be an emotional experience for me.

Seeing all of the women that showed up to walk and then all of the men on the sidelines supporting their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers and friends was a very overwhelming feeling. I got to see just how big of a problem this stupid cancer really is. But I also got to see so many women that survived. Every year since then I have some how participated in Race for the Cure. Whether it was walking in the race, or being a "spirit runner." I wanted to be sure I supported this cause.

I don't say all of this to get a pat on the back or an extra jewel on my crown. I say this to be an encouragement. I encourage you to support. Whether it's donating your money, donating your time or even just simply wearing pink, I strongly encourage you to get involved.

I have the honor of knowing Melissa Ratliff and Nancy Holsted, two beautiful women of God who have fought this cancer and proudly survived. Just like Mrs. Will, they choose to stay positive. They choose to seek God in the hard times. They choose to live life to the fullest.

So today, I choose to wear pink...for Melissa, Nancy, Mrs. Will and every other woman out there who has dealt with it.

Who will YOU wear pink for?

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