Tuesday, October 5, 2010

morning news

So part of my being a grown up is watching the news every morning while I get ready. Yesterday, I heard of an interesting new documentary coming out. It's about the dark side of fashion

Courtesy of NY Times

People are quick to judge the fashion world. "It's all glitz and glamour." Apparently, this documentary is proving these judgements different. I realize the fashion industry is pretty glamorous. I mean you have to be glamorous to walk down a runway or come up with the latest trends. But there is a much darker, scarier side of it all. And it's not just eating disorders, although that is one major problem in this industry. 

One of the issues this documentary is dealing with sexual and emotional abuse between models and photographers. Things like this is where all the insecurity of the models come from. Photographers telling the models, "if you do this, you will get hired." Obviously, if I were them, I'd tell them where they could shove it. But being so caught up in the industry, I could see how confused the poor girls could get.

This is when I am so thankful that I have my identity in Christ. I will never be able to understand exactly how much He loves me. If only these girls could see His love for them. Let that be our prayer.

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