Friday, October 8, 2010

woo pig souieee

I know sports doesn't really fall under "All Things Girl," but a lot of southern girls enjoy football. Whether it's the thrill of the game, planning watch parties, or they just love wearing the Razorback red (and who doesn't love red?), college football is just part of southern heritage. Therefore, today's post will be about the big game tomorrow...



This is where the All Things Girl comes in.

When you think of attending a football game, you think sweatshirts, jeans and painted bodies. But football games are more of a fashion show than you think. I mean, think about it. Sure there are girls who sport the t shirt and jeans look. And I'm telling you now, that is completely ok! You are at a football game! But for those of you who like to dress up a little more, this is for you. If you are struggling to figure out what exactly to wear, I'm here to help you out.

For the RAZORBACK fan:

You can find this outfit at XXI. Pairing a simple red top to a super cute skirt would be a great option! 
I would even bring a light jacket along, just in case the weather is a little too cool for your preference. Try a cute black blazer or a simple black cardigan.

These black suede ballet flats complete the look!

For the AGGIES fan:

I am obsessed with this dress. It is simple, chic and the perfect Aggie maroon!

This neutral ankle bootie would take this outfit to the next level. I know some might think "wearing heels to a football game?" But this isn't just any football game. It's the Hogs vs Aggies. at the Cowboys stadium? It's kind of a big deal.

Although I will not be attending the fashion show.. oops! I mean.. the football game, I will proudly be sporting Razorback red all weekend. Yes I have some dear friends that attend Texas A&M but my heart lies with Arkansas... so let's call those Hogs!



  1. It would have been an even better post if you would have left out blazer and said "try a cute black boyfriend".

  2. My mom and dad are going to the game tomorrow for their Anniversary weekend get-away!! :)

  3. lol @ alan. and amy, is it bad that i like the aggies dress better? i'd wear it any day besides today, of course :)