Tuesday, October 12, 2010

grown up slump

I've been struggling with what I was going to blog about next. Usually this stuff just kinda pops in my mind and then I start writing. But today is different.

For those of you who may not know, I moved to Little Rock in the middle of August. I started working at the Church at Rock Creek on the 23rd (of August). I absolutely love living here and working here. But of course, life isn't perfect. The only thing I have a complaint about is living alone. This problem is being fixed in December, when my best friend Kate is moving in with me. And thankfully I have family all within a 2-hour driving distance. But the people I really miss are my best friends. I think that has been my problem today - I miss them so much I can't think straight! I'm in a grown up slump.. and I'm only 22?

Seeing that a girl can't go very far in life without friends, this post is dedicated to my very best friends. I'm not going to sit here and list out names because honestly, we're not in 7th grade. If you are my best friend, you know it :)

I could go on and on about all of the amazing memories I have shared with these people in my life.. but I think actions speak louder than words. Therefore, these following pictures are some of my favorite moments in life with my absolute favorite people in life :)

Just warning you - there are a LOT of pictures. But I've had many great memories in my life!

EEE Bid Day 2007
the day I made some of my lifelong friends!

EEE Fall Outing 2007 - Nashville, TN
tons of hard work went into this event and it was a great success!

Tiger Tunes 2007 - SpiEEEs
This was my first Tiger Tunes experience and it was amazing!!

My first trip to Plano, TX - December 2007
this was when I absolutely fell in love with Dallas, Texas :)
oh, and I had dark brown hair.. haha weird.

Michael Bublé concert - March 2008 - Shreveport, LA
when I fell in love with Michael Bublé.. everything but his foul mouth

Miss OBU Court of Honor - April 2008
I love to perform, whether its singing or dancing.

Summer 2008 - Plano, TX
the summer I spent with two of my best friends! oh the memories...

Tiger Tunes 2008 - Carhops
this was the year I got to co-direct the EEE show with Katie Strickland!

OBU Singers 2006-2008
I was blessed enough to make Singers my freshman year and I really enjoyed it!

EEE Bid Day 2009
the day my cousin, Hope, became my little seeester :)

Spring Break 2009 - Los Angeles, CA
This picture pretty much sums up the trip!
(and my Cali trip buddies understand why)

While in LA, I got to meet Jonathan & Richard Jackson!!
"My grandmother's a HUGE General Hospital fan!" .... really?! that's the first thing I say when I meet him? I was star struck.

My best friends/sisters from OBU :)

TWIRP 2009
No matter what the occasion was, I LOVED dressing up in those poodle skirts!

Tiger Tunes 2009 - Airplane Passengers
I got to be a "native" and have a really cool leopard print design painted on my face :)

Homecoming Court 2009
I proudly represented the Senior Class on Homecoming court that year! It was such an honor to be on the court!

EEE PC '07 Dirty Santa Christmas Party
this is our annual Christmas party and we ALWAYS had so much fun!

My first trip to College Station, TX aka Aggie Land
We got to hang out with Tyler (Bethany's bf) and the Dude Perfect guys all weekend!

Spring Break 2010 - Carnival Cruise to Progresso & Cozymel
words can't express how much fun we had on this cruise!
Sir Robert, Carlos&Charlie's, NEON BAR 10:30!, Stripes, "Absolutely brilliant!" and the list goes on....

Graduation 2010
this day was very special day for me! and this is one of my FAVORITE pictures of my sister and I!

Sara's wedding - June 2010
My best friend of 11 years got married and I got to share her special day with her!

There are many more memories that I've experienced through the years.. but these were just a few that I wanted to share :)


  1. You might as well get used to me commenting on here! I'm way pumped that people my age are blogging! :)

    And on a different note, i'm totally jealous of your pictures. Words cannot express how much I miss OBU and wish the Lord would have saw fit for me to finish my schooling there. Lots was going on and it just wasn't His plan.... I know, believe, and trust that, but secretly wish I could have invested in some amazing friendships there.

    Anywho.... pity party over. ha. loved the pictures!

  2. Yeah so your blog almost made me cry..Can we go back please?????