Tuesday, January 4, 2011

fave of the week

It's that time of the week kids... Amy's Fave of the Week!!!

I know what you're thinking. "How could you possibly top Leighton Meester? Blair Waldorf?" Well, I think I might have. This week's Fave is a beautiful, caring, hard-working woman. Or at least she plays that woman in the show One Tree Hill.

You might know her as... Sophia Bush.

But I know her as... Brooke Davis.

I haven't always watched One Tree Hill. My first memory of Sophia Bush was in the movie "John Tucker Must Die". But I absolutely love her in One Tree Hill.

Not only does Sophia Bush have great taste in fashion. She also has great taste in men. She is currently dating One Tree Hill co-star, Austin Nichols. Wowza!

What a lucky girl. Great clothes. Great hair. Great guy. She's got it all. Maybe some of that luck with rub off on the rest of us... One can only hope!

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