Thursday, March 3, 2011

$9 Jewelry? Yes, please.

I've got some good news for you bloggers! 

If you had the opportunity to buy a $109 necklace for only $9 dollars, would you?

Of course you would.

Kate Bosworth has started a new jewelry line called {jewelmint}. She is selling jewelry that is retail priced at over $100 for just $29.99 a piece. So where does the $9 come in?

Well one of my good friends {Julie Hagar} told me about this. Guiliana Rancic [one of my favorite people of all time] is a lover of jewelmint and she shared a promo code for first time buyers. If you are buying a piece of jewelry for the first time, you can use this promo code and get whatever piece of jewelry you pick out for only $9 with free shipping. Yes, I said it. FREE shipping.

Here is the promo code: fab211

The way the Web site works is you answer a couple of questions about your style. Then they pick jewelry for you and put it all in a "showroom" for you to look at. You pick which one you want and then click buy! It's a simple as that. The jewelry is really pretty too. Here's the necklace I just bought a few minutes ago:

Originally retail priced at $109 and I got it for $9 even!
 Loved the color scheme. I thought it would be perfect for spring!

Definitely check it out. If you like the set up, also check out this Web site {} It was started by Kim Kardashian and a team of fashionistas and it has the same concept, but with shoes! But I don't have a cool promo code for that. Sorry! :)

If you purchase jewelry, please know that you will be signed up for a "membership" and they will charge you your monthly dues. How this works: I'm pretty sure that it will charge you $29.99 a month, but in essence it is giving you "store credit" to purchase one piece of jewelry. 

"As a member, each month you will receive a set of personal jewelry selections, based on your style and preferences. Each month, your personal selections may change. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that a selection available in a particular month will be available in any subsequent month.
At the beginning of each month, if you want to receive a monthly selection, visit the website to see the products our experts have chosen for you. You can pick any selection in your personal showroom, and it will be shipped to you after your credit card payment is successfully processed. If you wish to view additional selections, you can
request to do so on the site. You can pick any alternate selection, and it will be sent to you after your credit card payment is successfully processed. You may order additional items at $29.99 apiece. Those clients who have any valid store credits in their account may redeem one store credit, in lieu of payment for each product selection.
Please note that all preferred recurring members that neither select an item nor notify us of your intention to skip the month before the 6th day of the month, will be charged the monthly dues and will receive a store credit."

You can unsubscribe & cancel your membership at ANY time by clicking here.


If you buy a piece of jewelry today, please comment on this post and you will get one more entry in my giveaway!

Buy away, fellow bloggers!!


  1. I bought a realllly cute white jewel necklace to be featured on my blog tomorrow. :-)

  2. i didn't sign up, but it seems that you can "skip this month" and it won't charge you. it's better than a subscription in the traditional sense!