Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am an avid reader of Kelly's Korner blog. And every week, Kelly has a link-up party titled "Show Us Your Life". She has a lot of different topics she covers. For some past SUYL's you can check them out here

This week's SUYL topic is Singles. Lots of different singles all over the country link up to just get themselves out there. Kelly has actually had 6 different couples with success with one wedding down and possibly five more to go! How awesome is that? It's so neat to see how God can use such a simple tool as a blog to connect two people together to spend the rest of their lives together! As Kelly says - this is not a fool-proof method. Just because you submit your story doesn't mean something will come of it. But I think putting yourself out there is a pretty bold move... and you never know what might come from it! :)

With that said - I am going to share a little bit about myself. I actually can't believe that I'm doing this. When it comes to dating, I'm a pretty private person. I don't like to put all my business out there. If anything, this just gives my fellow readers a closer look into my life. You might learn something you didn't know before! :)

My name is Amy Lynn Wentz. I am 23 years old and I currently live in Little Rock, AR. I am on the administrative staff at the Church at Rock Creek. I graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in May 2010. The four years spent at OBU completely changed my life. I met my lifelong friends. I learned so much. I grew up spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Unfortunately, not physically. (I'm only 5'0! ha!)

I am definitely family oriented. I have an older brother who's married with three little girls. I also have an older sister who's married with one little girl. My four nieces are my four favorite little girls in the whole wide world. Being an aunt has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. My family and I are all very close. I talk to my parents probably at least once a day. I talk to my brother and sister both a couple of times a week. 

Music is a huge part of my life. My dad sings & plays guitar. My mom plays piano (amazingly, I might add) and she can sing, even though she'd NEVER tell you that. My sister sings and can play violin and still a little piano after taking lessons as a child. My brother can sing...just chooses not to :) Most of my aunts & uncles sing. My cousins sing. Even my grandparents can carry a tune... my grandfather being a tad questionable. My point is - I've grown up with music being a major part of my life. I started singing as soon as I started talking. The majority of times that I've felt closest to God have been when I am singing. It is a huge passion. Being able to use my gift to glorify God is almost the best gift of all, coming in a close second to having salvation. 

But music is not my whole life. Some of my other favorite hobbies are cooking, traveling, shopping, watching football & baseball, and event planning. I found my love for cooking when I took Home Economics in 9th grade. My teacher was such an inspiration to me! And I can't turn down a great road trip! One of my life goals is to have stepped at least one foot in every state. I really hope I can accomplish this one day!

As far as my personality goes - I would say that I'm an out-going, loud laughing, people person. I absolutely love being around people. But I also enjoy my alone time, too. My favorite alone time is spent in my car, just driving around with no destination. Some of my greatest ideas and thoughts come from those moments. I can sing however loud and listen to whatever I want. I'm somewhat of a planner. I like to know what I'm going to be doing tonight, tomorrow, and later this week. This probably isn't a very good quality. But it's just part of my personality. But as much of a planner I am, I'm still easy-going. I'm not going to freak out if things don't go as planned. I have found that not everything works the way I want it to. And sometimes it works out better than planned. So I have learned to adjust. :)

I will now leave you with a few fun facts about me:
• I've been hit by a car and lived to tell about it! It's quite the story...
• I was born a Razorback and Cubs fan. And I won't apologize for it. :)
• Diet Coke is my addiction. This is probably bad. But let's be honest - it could definitely be worse.
• Sometimes I can be brutally honest.
• Red is my absolute favorite color.
• I'm not a morning person, even though I try really hard to be.
• Broadway musicals are my guilty pleasure.
• I was actually born in southern Louisiana, so I'm a real cajun at heart! (which explains my love for crawfish and other cajun food!)
• I own a Nintendo 64... and play it quite often!
• I have a very broad taste in music - from pop to jazz, hip hop, country and a little rock!
• I've been praying for my future husband since 5th grade, after doing a Bible study on dating, marriage and saving yourself for marriage.

I hope you learned something about me that you didn't already know! But I also hope I didn't overwhelm you :)


  1. You are a beautiful girl! I am praying for you to find Mr. Right :)

  2. You are cute as a bug!! Praying God's best for you whether it's through this or another way! You are a catch!!!!

  3. You are adorable :) I am praying God will lead him to you!