Friday, July 1, 2011

it's my best friend's birthday!!

Today's post is dedicated to one special little lady. This little lady just so happens to be my best friend, sister and roommate...

Kate and I met our freshman year at OBU. We lived right down the hall from each other on Francis Crawford East's second floor! (Woop Woop!) But before I met her, I already knew a little bit about her. You see... my aunt Janet has known Kate for a very long time. She actually went to school with Kate's dad! And Kate also went to the school where my aunt taught; my aunt having Kate's younger brother in kindergarten! So with that said, Kate and I were determined to be best friends.

As soon as my aunt found out that Kate was living on my hall, she said, "Ohhh you need to be friends with Mary Kate Shell! She is such a sweetie!!" So of course I took my aunt's advice. Kate and I hit it off from the start! She is the nicest, most positive person I've ever met. She has such a sweet spirit and she has a heart for people, especially for children. (Kate is a 4th grade teacher!)

Who knew that five years ago, we would meet, become pledge sisters and best friends, AND be roommates senior year! and then end up being roommates even after college? Not me! But I am so very blessed to have Kate in my life. This girl has been there for me through EVERYTHING. She's the perfect person to vent to because she'll let you speak as much as you want. Then when you get it all out, of course she'll back you up, but she'll also throw in some outsider advice in the nicest way. Never shoving it in your face.

I'm not sure where I would be today if it weren't for Kate being my friend. I have cherished EVERY single moment we've had! I'm so thankful to have her as my roommate!!

I will now leave you with some of my favorite pics of Kate and me :) Don't judge us for any clothing, make up, or hairstyles! :)


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  1. Happy Birthday Kate!! Hope its the best everrrr!