Friday, July 8, 2011

saying goodbye

I've said it before and I'll say it now. Asking me to give up Diet Coke is like asking me to give up life.

If you know me at all, you know that I have at least one Diet Coke a day. I transitioned from regular Cokes to Diet Cokes when I was in high school and trying to diet. I made myself like Diet Coke, because in the beginning, I HATED it. I hated the taste of it. I hated that it had the word "diet" in it. I hated everything about it. But in an effort to get healthier, I decided to make the switch. Now, you can't get me to not drink a Diet Coke.

I soon became addicted to it. I woke up craving it. When I would take that first drink, it would fulfill all cravings I had for it. You're probably thinking, "Wow. This chick is crazy. Are you really that obsessed with Diet Coke?" And the answer to your question: yes. Yes, I am.

I'm writing this because I've decided to quit drinking it. I've heard lots of people say they feel so much better when they aren't drinking carbonated drinks. I've also seen so many studies (though I know none of them have been proven 100% effective) of how people who drink diet drinks are more prone to have strokes or heart attacks. I usually don't really care about that stuff. But I made the decision for myself, and I plan on sticking to it.

I realize the road ahead of me. Long days. Headaches. Mood swings. (Yes, I know I sound like I'm a drug addict, weening myself off of drugs. But an addiction is an addiction no matter how you look at it.) But I am really doing this just to see what level my self discipline is at. Can I make it a day without Diet Coke? Can I make it two days? A week? A month? I guess we will find out.

I also decided to blog about it to maybe make myself a little more accountable. I've learned that when you are doing something like this, trying to quit a habit, an addiction, or even trying to diet, that you should tell at least one person. If you don't, you will have no accountability. So I'm telling all of you. Not so that you can haunt me or text me every five minutes, asking me if I've had a Diet Coke today. But just to know that I have people who are willing to keep me accountable. And I have people to celebrate with when I've reached my goal: to completely stop drinking soft drinks.

I realize this blog post may sound so serious about something so silly. But like I said, if you know me at all, you know how hard this is going to be for me. Let's just hope it works out and I don't end up in Diet Coke's Anonymous. (Do they even have that? I might need to check into it...)

Today is my first day with no Diet Coke. Therefore, I will now say goodbye to my beloved friend:

Dear Diet Coke,

You were a loyal friend. Always there for me. When I was having a bad day, all I had to do was drive to Sonic during Happy Hour. You never let me down. You were so consistent. But today is the day we have to say goodbye. I will miss you.



  1. Impressive! I had to do that too. But I started with just one a week (usually on the weekends). You will feel better and wont want them after a while! Drink crystal light :)

  2. I gave them up too! It hasn't been easy but you can do it! Just stay away from Sonic...they call my name still there!