Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's ok that...

IT'S OK...

...that I'm perfectly fine with the rain.

...that I don't update my blog every single day.

...that I have a strong obsession with shoes.

...that I'm a dreamer.

...that I have another strong obsession with blogs and reading them.

...that when I'm driving by myself, every once in a while I listen to Justin Bieber songs.

...that I tell people I only have Justin Bieber on my iPod because of my nieces.

...that I'm wearing a long dress on a rainy day. Even when the bottom of the dress gets wet.

...that I'm probably THAT girl you see driving around singing loudly in my car.

...that I can never have enough stuff for my kitchen.

...that I'm an Arkansan with a strong love for Texas.

...that my room is messy 75% of the time.

...that I eat Chic-fil-A or cereal for a meal at least 3-4 times a week.

It's ok that I am me and I am 110% ok with who I am.


Today I liked up with Neely & Amber


  1. Chick fila and Justin Bieber! Loves! Visiting from Neely's page :-)

  2. My room is always messy--I can't stand cleaning it! Glad I found ya--another 23 year old blog bud. :)

  3. OMG of course its ok to update your blog!!

  4. I LOVE chick-fil-a! I wish I could eat it every day!

  5. I love these! Chick-fil-a is so good! Nice to know theres someone else that has an obsession with shoes and blogging :)

    -Nicole Alicia