Tuesday, September 6, 2011

hey little girl, GIRL, whatcha wanna be?

When I was looking at colleges, Ouachita honestly wasn't at the top of my list. I'm not really sure why...but I was just dead-set on being an Arkansas Razorback! I knew the U of A was the school for me. My aunt & uncle (Janet & Richard) kept telling me not to completely rule out OBU. "At least give it a shot," they would tell me. Ok, ok. I gave in and gave it a shot.

Fast forward five years and here I am. Sitting at my desk in my own office at Ouachita Baptist University. With my job being to recruit students to come to school here. Who would have thought?

Today's post is about my favorite Ouachita memory. If you read the title to this post, you might have a feeling what I am about to write about. I know that people don't change lives. And a school doesn't change lives. But God changes lives. Well, God used OBU and the women of EEE to change my life.

On a cold January, Saturday morning I woke up to the girls singing [screaming] this song:

Hey little girl, GIRL, whatcha wanna be now that you're at O-B-U?
Hey little girl, GIRL, whatcha wanna be? Do ya wanna be an E-E-E?

I JUMPED out of bed loudly whispering to my roommate, "Sam! They're outside! They're outside!!!" We immediately start freaking out. We start getting ready, not knowing exactly sure what the day was about to bring.

As we are fixing our hair and putting on some make up, there's a bang on the door. There are girls behind it screaming my name. I tried to open the door, but they wouldn't let me. They held it closed. They said, "Amy! Do you want to be an EEE?" In my mind I was thinking, "uhhh DUH! Who doesn't?!" So I responded to them through the door, "YES!" They giggled and said "Squeak like a mouse!" For some reason, I felt the need to squat down to the floor and jump around like I was mouse, audibly squeaking, even though they couldn't see me. They giggle some more and tell me to slip something red under the door. I grab a little painted wooden heart they had given me the night before at a rush party. I slip it under the door and they immediately slip a card under the door. That, my friends, was what I had been waiting for since I walked on Ouachita's campus. A bid card to become an EEE!

That day I met 27 other girls that made up the rest of EEE Pledge Class of 2007. We were all there for the same reason. To become a part of one of the greatest groups of women on campus. Of course the rest of the week is all secrets & traditions. But that week, I didn't just gain 27 friends. I gained 27 sisters. Some of them still being my very best lifelong friends.Girls that I know I could turn to at any point in time with anything and they will be there for me. To listen to me. To pray for me. To encourage me.

Social clubs aren't everyone's cup of tea. I totally get that. But I knew as soon as I stepped foot on Ouachita's campus that it was something I wanted to be a part of. And apparently, the Lord had it in His plan for me to meet the girls that I did. And that will forever be my favorite memory on Ouachita's campus.

EEE PC '07

Making our EEE's for the first time!

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