Thursday, January 19, 2012

celebrity makeovers

So my friend Michelle over at The Vintage Apple had some fun with and their Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover website! When I saw her post about it, I knew I had to try it!! So I had a little bit of fun on my lunch break!

Here is the original picture:
It said to have your hair back, but so since mine was down I pushed it behind my shoulders.
No I did not cut my hair! :)
I am unusually, wintery pale. So all of these pictures make me look like a vampire. One of these will be appropriate. See if you can guess. Also - since my hair isn't all the way back, you can still see it poking out in some of the pics. Just ignore it :) we go!!!

Cameron Diaz
Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts
Christina Hendricks
Vanessa Hudgens
Amanda Seyfried
Debra Messing
Kristen Stewart
T-Swift (this one's for Bethany)

and for my personal favorite......

Reese Witherspoon

So what do y'all think?? Which one is your favorite??

I personally think I should rock the red lip every once in a while. I'm kinda loving it!


  1. I like the red hair ones best! I still need to get my act together and do this on my blog! Oops :-) Enjoyed your hair show ;-)

  2. I like the look of the bangs on you- so I guess Vanessa Hudgens.