Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

It's my mother's birthday today!!!
I just wanted to take this time to tell you guys what my mom means to me.

My mom is probably one of the most amazing people I know. She is: Sassy. Honest. Loving. Caring. Ridiculous. Thoughtful. Out of control. Beautiful. Talented. Smart. Funny. She will never admit to being any of these things...ok, maybe the funny part. But she is always putting other people before herself. She is always thinking of what she can do to make sure they have a great week. Thoughtful texts, facebook posts.. maybe even buying some groceries every now and then for a specific child of hers? :) But that's just who she is. She will ALWAYS have my back. She plays the "Momma Bear" role proudly. She will take up for me in whatever situation. She is always praying for her kids and grandchildren. If you ask her what she wants for her birthday or Christmas, she will tell you, "I just want everyone to be happy." What a mom answer. But above all, she has the strongest faith I've ever seen. After everything she and my dad have been through this past year, she has remained faithful to the Lord, even though she might not have any clue as to why recent events have happened. Her strength is what keeps me going! So, if I haven't said it enough in my lifetime, let me say it now: I love you, Mom!! And I hope you have the happiest birthday yet!!!

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