Wednesday, February 22, 2012

springing forward

I don't know about yall but I am READY FOR SPRING!! With what a sham of a winter we've had and our 60-degree days, it has me itching for more warm weather! [Spring also starts baseball which probably excites me the most!] But what really gets me going is spring/summer fashion. My last post was summer inspired! So you've already learned my love for summer dresses, sandals, etc. But today, I want to show you some things to look for while you are shopping for the coming seasons!

Cropped Pants
Where to find them? Click below:

I have seen these everywhere! Especially on celebrities! I think I love them because they show off the ankles. They are adorable and very spring chic. You can find them at lots of different stores in all different colors! They can be your pop of color or your neutral base. Very practical for the office!

Neon Colors
Where to find them? Click below:

Neon colors are very "in" right now. I'm not sure how long they will stick around, but right now they are HOT. [pun intended] I'm obsessed with a pop of color. So why not give a neon pop of color? You can incorporate these colors in pants, tops, dresses, jewelry or my favorite - fingernail polish!

Orangish-Red/Purplish-Blue Combo
Where to find them? Click below:

Ok, so those colors might sound odd. But just look at these dresses & tops! You will find SOMETHING in this color combo wherever you go. Especially in some sort of tribal print. And I'm personally obsessed.

Where to find them? Click below:

I know, I know. Wedges are always in. But wedges just scream spring/summer to me. Maxi dress, chunky jewelry and some wedges. You are good to go.

Natural Make Up
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Before I was hit with the "real world," you could find me somewhere near water. Whether it was a pool, a lake or an ocean - I was sure to be found. Therefore, I wasn't wearing a lot of make up. Tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara & colored lip balm and I was good to go! I also just love the natural spring/summer look. Very fresh & clean. Just remember sunscreen please!!! [P.S. The B.B. cream is a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer & foundation all wrapped up in one bottle!!]

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do any of these products stand out to you? Do you own them/use them? Let me know!!

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  1. I am dying over the top right wedge!! AHHH! NEED!

  2. LOVE the orange and blue combos!!
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