Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sunkissed advertising

So as dramatic as my last post was, this post will be equally (if not more) dramatic. Today, I want to tell you guys about a product that has changed my life. Literally.

I come from a combination-skinned family. Meaning: my dad is fair skinned and my mom is olive skinned. Meaning: my dad is a ginger and my mom is a blonde. Well, even though I got my mom's blonde hair (yes, regardless of that auburn hair I rock in my pictures, I AM naturally blonde), I got my dad's skin tone. So I don't really tan. I just turn a dark shade of red. And since sun tanning & tanning beds are so bad for you anyway, I have found the perfect solution. [pun intended]

Xen-Tan is a company based in the Dallas area. And my best friend, Bethany Toney, just happens to be their newest graphic designer!

"XEN-TAN began when creator Dera Enochson decided she'd had enough of self-tans that looked orange. Working with chemists and testing on friends and family, she spent two years developing new formulas. XEN-TAN products were created to give a more natural color, while maintaining delicious scents, even when your tan is developing."
*taken from Xen-Tan Web site*

Bethany let me use some of her Xen-Tan products this past weekend and I knew I had to have some for myself! It goes on so smooth, doesn't smell like other self tanners do, and it doesn't streak! It dries super fast and keeps a healthy glow! And the great news? It's AFFORDABLE!! Here are some of my favorite Xen-Tan products:

{this has little specks of 24K gold in it!}

{goes on super light and dries almost instantly!}

{helps problem areas like creases, ankles & wrists to blend better!}

{helps give extra smooth application!}

So if I haven't convinced you by now, let me share with you some other Xen-Tan users!
*all photos taken from Xen-Tan's Facebook page*

Peggy & Tamra from the Real Housewives of Orange County!

Lynn from the Real Housewives of Orange County!

Sasha Pieterse (Ali) from Pretty Little Liars!

And last but CERTAINLY not least........

Are you convinced yet?? :)

You will get a $10 off coupon code with your first online purchase!!!
So what are you waiting for?? GET TO SHOPPING!!!

Everything you've seen here can be purchased at and 
you can check them out on their Facebook page as well!!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I was just thinking about self tanners! (I'll have to wait to buy it...I gave up online shopping for Lent!)

    1. Oh yeah! I forgot you were doing that... well it's well worth the wait!! I absolutely love it.

    2. I'm still interested in what you had to say about ad disclosuer :) email it to me?

  2. This sounds amazing! I'm always on the hunt for that perfect fake tan! Thanks for sharing x