Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

I'm posting from my iPhone tonight! Left my computer charger in my office and it's dead to the bone. Just wanted to blog out a few thoughts I've had over the weekend so far. So I apologize in advance for the randomness!!

• The next place I live WILL have a wood-burning fire place. Not only are they pretty, they are super useful for freezing nights like tonight!

• I'm extremely thankful that I get to use my gift God has given me to glorify Him. Whether its for thousands of people or just for one person, my prayer is for someone to be blessed by Him.

• I have been thinking a LOT about my future lately. I'm so young. There are so many possibilities.

• Starting tomorrow, I am going on a 2-week NO spending spree!! Unless something important comes up, like bills, gas, deodorant or toilet paper, (and if you don't think these are important - you've got serious issues) I won't be spending money at all.

• S.A.D. is approaching. [Singles Awareness Day] aannddd that's all I have to say about that.

Once again, sorry for the randomness.

XOXO, Amy Lynn

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