Sunday, March 11, 2012

happy birthday, natalie!!!

Today is my sister's birthday!! So today's post is dedicated solely to her.
{& she turned the big 3-0!!}

Natalie reading me a book :)
Natalie and I are six years apart. Growing up, we shared a room. THAT was an experience. Natalie likes to keep a clean and organized room. I like to keep a..."creative" room. :) Therefore, Natalie and I fought A LOT when we were younger. Not only did she yell at me for not helping her clean, I would get so mad when she would go out with her friends and I couldn't go! The six years just did NOTHING for our friendship. Until she left for college...

I was in going into 7th grade when Natalie was preparing to leave for college. She was so excited. At the time, I was excited too! My thoughts were: "Yes! I get my own room! No one to gripe at me for it not being clean! {other than my parents} No one to share a bathroom or closet with! WOO HOO!" Then came August 12th. The day we moved her in.

We got her all settled into her dorm room. Many trips up and down stairs and to and from the car. Lots of sweat and hard work. So I was ready for it to be done so we could head home. We said our goodbyes. No crying since I was excited for her to move. And then as we got in the car and started driving away, it all hit me. I realized my sister wouldn't be living with us anymore. Sure, she would come home for some weekends. And for the summers. But who was I going to pester? Who was I going to blame stuff on? Who was I going to fight with? Who was going to sleep next to me in my room? And the tears hit.

With that being said, my sister and I became best friends while she was in college. I would go visit her for the weekends. I would take my friends to stay with me so they could hang out with my cool college sister. We would text and talk on the phone. She would even take me on dates with her {now} husband, Nick. There was no more fighting. No more bickering. It was me constantly missing my sister and longing for her friendship. It took her being away from me to realize how much I loved her. THEN later down the road, after getting married - she became pregnant with my niece, Neela. Something clicked and our bond became even stronger. There's something about the birth of a child that just brings people together. And when she made me Neela's godmother, I knew we were much more than sisters. We were best friends.

To my sister - I hope today is the best thirtieth birthday a woman could ever have. You deserve it! Thank you for being not only my sister, but my best friend. I love you!

"Sisters by birth, friends by choice."


Love you, Natalie!

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