Friday, March 9, 2012

weekend love//instafriday

Who else is excited that it's FRIDAY?? I know I am. I'm headed to Fayetteville this afternoon! Gonna hit up some Razorback baseball, hopefully shop at RiffRaff and get some good grub!! Maybe breakfast at Rick's Bakery?

Also wanted participate in InstaFriday and show you my week through Instagram photos!

I found this week that I have WAY too many t-shirts. This is a drawer full and there were are even more in unpacked boxes!! I'm thinking a t-shirt quilt is in my future!!

I decided to get a little crafty {from this as my inspiration} and paint my end-table beside my bed! I had the two tables from Ikea. So I glued them together and painted the whole thing gold! I haven't put any accents on it yet...but maybe soon!

Ok yall. "DrawSomething" is beyond my most favorite app EVER for the iPhone! I even downloaded it on my iPad!! I'm obsessed. I lose sleep over this game. I will stay up til midnight playing it without even noticing how late it is. SO FUN! btw - my username is AmyLynnWentz or AmyLynnsiPad :)

I FINALLY put some pictures up in my office this week! I've been at this job since August 29th and I've yet to do anything to really decorate it. {that just shows how busy I stay!} So I got some pictures printed out and decided to hang them up on some cork board. Now I can see the people I love every day! {note: not every person I love is on this board. Some simply just didn't make the cut! :)}

Yesterday was such a rainy/dreary/yucky day. So I decided to take a picture of it. So I can look back on days I think are horrible and say... "At least you don't have to walk across campus in the pouring down rain today and get your dress pants SOAKED" :)

This was at the beginning of the week! The apartments I live in are on a golf course and the driving range is right behind my room! {the pond is the range - they hit the balls into it!} But how gorgeous is this sunset?! Love.

I hope yall have a fun weekend!! Maybe it'll stay pretty...hopefully? Let's keep our fingers crossed.


  1. I just started playing Draw Something and now I think I'm obsessed!! Although, my drawings look like those of a 2 year old at times :)Happy Friday!

    1. My drawings definitely look like my toddler nieces drew them :) But it's definitely expanding my creativity! I draw a pretty good stick person! haha Happy Friday to you as well!!

  2. I wanna see a pic of your table!!

  3. I wanna see a pic of your table!!