Sunday, April 8, 2012

The best things start with E...

Easter, Engagements, Earrings, Earth...and of course EEE ;)

This weekend has been a great one. Of course we celebrated Easter today!! Suddenly everything I'm going through seemed so insignificantly small when I realize how much Jesus has done for me [and for you too!] He was hung on a cross, pierced with nails & a crown of THORNS. His body was buried. And when Mary Magdalen and Jesus' mother Mary went to visit his tomb, the [huge, heavy, impossible to move] stone was rolled back! AND HE WAS NOT THERE! Holy crap. Can you imagine being there? SEEING Jesus on the cross. KNOWING he was buried. But when you get there, HE'S NOT THERE! THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN TO JUST ANYBODY PEOPLE! That literally just gives me chills. God is amazing. Incredible. Breath-taking. Magnificent. MY EVERYTHING. And I am so so so thankful He loves us no matter how crazy, whiney, dumb, or angry we can be. Despite our flaws, he loves us just the same. PRAISE HIM.

On that note - here's a little collage of how my nieces got to enjoy Easter! They all went to church this morning and they each did a little Easter egg hunting as well. Overall, we had a good weekend! (But we missed my sister and her family! They had their own Easter events to attend where they live, so they couldn't come up for a visit)

ALSO - my best friend got engaged!!! So that makes the last of the BFF's to get engaged. Cody FINALLY popped the question to Julie (whom I adore). Julie is so perfect for Cody. The fact that she's put up with him THIS long means she is THE ONE for Cody :) He is blessed to have her and I'm blessed to have her as a friend as well!! OH! And I got to hide in some bushes and take pics while Cody proposed!! So here are some pics I took!

Until next time...

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  1. I love that you hid in the bushes and got pics of the proposal! That is great and I'm sure your friend is appreciative!