Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life and Birthdays

First off, I want to start by shouting out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my very best friends, Bethany Toney! 

Bethany has been such a great friend to me over the last 5 years! (Yes, it's been 5 years. How crazy is that!) You can check out the blog post I did last year about Bethany - and nothing has changed. Bethany and I still talk about 70% of the day to each other. We'll call each other after work or even during our lunch breaks, as if we hadn't been talking all day to each other on Skype or text messages. There's just something special about our friendship, even though Bethany lives approximately 292 miles away from me. Distance can't break a bond like ours.

Love you Bethany! I hope you have the happiest birthday yet! Welcome to the 24 club! :)

Secondly - the past couple of blog posts I've done have been kinda gloomy. I won't apologize for that - but I will apologize for not blogging as much. My life has been one huge crazy mess the past couple of months. And unfortunately that has played out in my blogging. BUT I am on the road to getting everything back in place, with the Lord's help. Please continue to pray for me - but know that each day I am getting stronger and seeking the Lord's will for my life. I want to be where HE wants me to be.

With that said - be looking for some fun blog posts coming up!! Until next time...

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  1. Hey, I just read a post Bethany wrote a little while back 4 ur birthday. I know it's a bit late, but she wanted us 2 spread the birthday luv 2 u, so here I am!Hope you had a phenomenal birthday,Amy!