Monday, June 4, 2012


H e l l o   l o v e l i e s .

Since my last post, I've taken a little blog-cation - but not on purpose. I've just been too busy to post! Memorial Day weekend was spent with friends in Little Rock for my best friend's wedding shower! (Check out her wedding website here) Then on Sunday, I took her bridal pictures! Obviously I can't share those just yet, but after the wedding I will post like crazy! The rest of the week I had some vacation days to use so I gladly used them. Monday & Tuesday consisted of my tv, my couch and One Tree Hill on the DVR. Wednesday & Thursday consisted of helping my sister get all moved into their house! So it was a nice (and much needed) little vaca!

I'm really wanting to up my fashion/hair/make up posts on here, so I'm writing this now so maybe some of you can keep me accountable! I'm hoping for at least one a week! That's a pretty easy goal, right? :)

Now I will leave you with some pictures over the past couple of weeks!

the awesome rainbow I saw on the way to El Dorado

cookies I made for the shower

bridesmaids with the bride (minus Bethany)

I rocked a [messy] bun last week - what do you think?

the front of the plate the bridesmaids got for Samantha

the back of the plate the bridesmaids got for Samantha
Neela & me watching Mickey Mouse (her favorite)
the curtains I bought (at FRED'S!) for only $22 for my living room in my new house!
And now I will leave you with a cute video of Neela dancing in her new house:

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  1. I LOVE your post..... especially the video of Neela. Sooo cute!