Monday, July 23, 2012

blogging? what's that?

I'm not sure why I always find myself at this point. But I have been an awful blogger lately! Work stuff got crazy busy and I'm preparing for yet one more move. Yes, you read that right. I'm moving. Again. For the 5th time since December. I realize how crazy I'm sounding... :) But the amazing news is I'm moving into the cutest little rent house in Arkadelphia! I've been living in an apartment here for the summer, but now it's time to finally make the Delph my home for a while. P.S. I will definitely be posting some pics when I get all moved in!!

I'm seriously loving my job. My co-workers and I went to a conference last week (NABEP) in Brownwood, TX at Howard Payne University! It was so much fun, but I also learned a lot and met some amazing people! It just refueled my love for this job. And it makes me want to work that much harder.

Have you heard of Accessory Dash? Well, in case you haven't, it's an amazing business on Facebook! A fellow OBU alum (and EEE sister) runs the business, Hilary Hymer. Such a smart idea! The way it works: once a week, Hilary hosts an auction. She'll post a picture of one item, tell how many she has available and how much it costs. Say there's a pair of earrings and 4 pairs are available - so the first four people to comment "Sold" with their email address (connected to PayPal) wins the item. [Also, if you live outside of Texas, you post "OOT" for shipping purposes] If you don't pay your invoice within 24 hours, it will go to the next person in line. So far, I've bought two items! (these earrings and a necklace that's being shipped as I type)

And here is a sneak peek of what will be available this week:

Cute, right?? You should definitely "Like" Accessory Dash on Facebook and do some bidding this week!! OH - and have I mentioned that everything is AFFORDABLE? Usually between $10-$30!! I'm hoping to host a giveaway soon, featuring Accessory Dash! :) Anyone interested??

Until next time...

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