Monday, October 29, 2012

Remember me?

I'm the girl who used to blog once a week! What has happened to me? This is my solemn promise to blog more. [even though I'm pretty sure I've said that about 283948723 times already!] So here's a life update since I'm sure you're just DYING to know! Ha!

I'm still working at OBU as an admissions counselor! And still loving it! My travel season is officially over for the year. I had around 6 full weeks of traveling to college fairs and making school visits. It's fun to travel, but I'm thankful it's over. :)

There's also been a recent addition to my life...the love of my life! That's right, kids. Amy has herself a boyfriend. And he's a definite keeper! His name is Brandon and he lives in Bossier City, LA. He is the most amazing man I've ever met! I'm happier than I've ever been. Bringing Brandon into my life has been proof of the Lord's faithfulness. I know His plan is so much better than my own!

So how did we meet? mom was begging me to try online dating. I shot her down at the beginning just because I'm not used to putting myself out there like that. But I gave in and joined eHarmony. I told her I would do it for 3 months, but that I wasn't going to be very proactive with it and if nothing happened in those 3 months I was going to quit. Well around two months later, Brandon messaged me. And it's all history from there. We met up in Texarkana (halfway point between Arkadelphia & Bossier) and had the best first date I've ever had. I knew from that moment that he was such a special person and that I couldn't let him go! I love that I can be 110% myself around him and he still loves me just as much!

So between traveling for work and traveling to see my boyfriend, I've stayed a pretty busy woman! I'm hoping to start blogging again at least once a week! Keep me accountable, people! :)

Until next time...


  1. awww you look SO happy!! yay for love!

    ps - you are rocking that black lace dress! where from? i need!

  2. LOVE it!!! So happy for you, friend! And you two make a seriously attractive couple. :)