Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So I realize if you're reading this, you've probably already seen this on Facebook or Twitter. But, I felt as though I needed to blog about the experience for those wanting to know the whole story!

So on Saturday, we took family pictures with his family. After we were finished, he said that we were going to go to his sister's house that night. He said she was having her church small group over and that we needed to stop by for a few minutes. But we had lots of time to waste in between. So we went a couple of different places then he said "Let's go out to Minden! There's lots of Christmas lights still up and there's a cool coffee shop downtown." So we headed that way. We drove through downtown and the lights were beautiful. He pulls over to park so we can go find this "cool coffee house" only to find out everything on the strip was pretty much shut down for the night. (Little did I know, he wasn't looking for a "cool coffee shop" all along.) So we're outside, walking in the freezing cold, looking for a coffee shop that is probably close - and he says "I think its around the corner here!" So we walk around the corner where the Civic Center is. Outside of the Civic Center, there's some cut outs of Disney characters that were a part of the Christmas light display. Well I see there are rose pedals on the ground, and I see this storybook cut out that says "Brandon & Amy, happily ever after" (see picture below). I look at Brandon, he gets down on one knee, says some sweet things and then asks "Will you marry me?" with the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen. Of course I said yes, leaned over to kiss him, but the whole time we were in front of this storybook I kept pointing at it saying "Who made that? Who made that?!" I guess when you're in a situation like that, you say some silly things. Two of his sisters and his sister-in-law then jumped out of the bushes to celebrate with us (they were taking pics the whole time!) Then they rushed off so we could have a little bit of alone time.

Next, we walk back to the truck to head to his sister's house (for the small group thing..remember?) On the way there, I'm calling my family and friends. Half of them answer, half of them don't. I send out group texts of the picture of the ring. We get to Mandi's house, walk up to the door, and when we get inside, there they are. My family and friends (along with Brandon's family and friends) all there to surprise me. I. Was. Shocked. (That you've probably already seen in pictures) I could tell Brandon put a lot of effort into the proposal. But to see that he (along with the help of his stepmom & sister) put all of this huge surprise together for me just reminded me of how much I truly am blessed by him! He is so amazing. Of course I was THRILLED to see my family and friends! But I was really crying because I knew they all worked so hard to surprise me! I was so humbled.

We plan to get married on May 4, 2013 in Arkadelphia, Ark. I will be moving to Bossier City once we are married and I am so excited!! I love the city and I love the man I'll be living in it with. I am excited to see what God has in store for Brandon and me and our journey ahead!


  1. Ahhhh congratulations!!!! Your ring is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Congrats! That is such a sweet and thoughtful engagement. I hope you can keep that book you were standing in front of!

  3. SO SO SO happy for you guys! Y'all are so cute & look so happy together! I am SO glad you blogged the story! =)

  4. awwwww - congrats. you are just glowing!! yay!! and how good did the boy do? pictures, family. nice work buddy!!

  5. Thank you for posting! I har been dying to hear the whole story! The wedding is going to be perfect!