Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Today's Tickle Me Tuesday will pretty much be one huge advertisement! Here is what's tickling my fancy today...

Robert Kelly... or as I know him... R.Kelly :)
Robert's new album [We Are Poetry] came out on iTunes today!! Robert was our entertainment for my senior EEE fall outing in 2009. He is one talented artist and you should definitely check him out!

Dude Perfect iPhone/iPad app
One of my very great friends (who just happens to be my best friend's fiancée) is part of Dude Perfect! That's actually the cartoon character of him on the app. If you've been living under a rock and don't know who Dude Perfect is or what it's all about, you can check them out here. But you should definitely purchase & rate this app! I promise it will be worth the 99 cents you spend on it :)

Aren't these some of the cutest cookies you've ever seen in your life? Alright, that be a little extreme. But let me tell you. A lady in Northwest Arkansas makes these precious cookies. You can check out her blog here. As cute as these cookies are, they taste just as good!! Most cookies that you see that are decorated so cute, they don't taste very good. This isn't the case with these cookies! My friend, Ana, had Robin make some cookies for her bachelorette party and I couldn't quit eating them! They were so delicious. And too cute!

I'm not sure if you noticed my super cute header....but if you were wondering how I made it, well... I didn't. But Madaline did! Madaline is one of my pretty cool co-workers. She is the grapic designer here at Rock Creek. I just figured I would give her all the cred she deserves :)


  1. What a pretty blog you have. Those colourful cookies look yum. Visiting via Sarah's Tickle Me blog hop!

    Added myself to your Google Friend Connect. I'll be back to visit again!

  2. I love your new header and those cookies look delicious!! :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out!

    New followers are welcome! :-)