Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my best friend's birthday!

Sooooooo it's another one of my best friend's birthdays!!!

Ashley Brooke (Belcher) Seals is one of my very best friends! We met when we were freshman at OBU! I actually remember the first night we ever hung out! {why? because I'm a freak who remembers stuff like that. I've embraced it.} It was August 26, 2006. She, Lindsey Campbell and Katie Strickland come to my suitemate, Sara's, room and we all played Phase 10! haha! It was fun and I knew that I would be instant friends with all three of those girls! 

Brooke has been such a good friend to me these last 4.5 years! She is super dependable and will be a prayer warrior for you! She will stand up for you. But she will also tell you when you are probably doing something stupid or wrong! haha That is something I admire her [now] for! :)

We were also roommates for 3 years! So I know a LOT more about this girl than you probably want to know :) so I will just leave you with a ton of pictures of Brooke & I through years past! Don't forget to hop on over to Brooke's blog and show her some birthday loooovvveee!


Enjoy :)

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