Monday, December 12, 2011

granny's birthday & countdowns continue!

So I spent this past weekend in White Hall with my parents! I should have stayed in Bryant and got more work done in my apartment...but oh well!

Saturday morning we celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday! Her birthday isn't actually until the 23rd. But this was pretty much the only time we could all get together and throw her a big party! She was so happy to have ALL of her family there including kids, grandkids & great grandkids! She also had a few friends and former co-workers show up as well. Needless to say, I think she had a pretty good day :) She even had three cakes! One said "Happy Birthday, Mom!" Another one said, "Happy Birthday, GG" (stands for great-grandma for the great grandkids) and the other one said "Happy Birthday, Grandma!" She is loved in three different ways! Here are some pics from the day!

Taylor, Granny & me!

getting some Addyson loving!

Granny blowing out her candles!

Granny with the Jeff Wentz clan!

Neela LOVES her Uncle Bob & Addyson LOVES her Daddy! They were both vying for his attention :)

Here are some updates on my countdowns:

19 DAYS until Kate gets married!!

photo credit via Pinterest

and we've added a new countdown...

1 MONTH until I'm reunited with BETHANY!

I'll be working that Thursday night (the 12th) at an OBU alumni/prospective student reception night in Frisco and I'm just going to take that Friday off and stay the weekend with Bethany!! (and Tyler of course...unless he ditches us for the ranch. Which could very likely happen!) We will be having a Miss America watch party and have LOTS of girl time! Which is exactly what I need. I could not be more excited.

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