Friday, December 9, 2011

moving, countdowns, & christmas

Hello there!! So I made you all a promise that I would be better about blogging. So here I am. Proving my promise! A lot of times I go to start a blog post and I think... "are people really going to want to read this?" so I stop myself from writing anything. But I've decided that since I started this blog for ME and not for what people think of it..that I'm going to write posts whether I think people will actually read it or not!

As most of you know, I just recently moved. Erring on the side of caution, I won't post on the world wide web where I'm living. [no psycho stalkers for me, thanks] but if you REALLY want to know, just text me! However I will tell you that I am living in Bryant! Since going to school at Ouachita and now working here, I have driven down I-30 through Bryant & Benton COUNTLESS times. But I never really knew what an awesome area it really is. I've had the opportunity to do a little exploring and I have fallen in love! You still get the smaller town aspect (well...smaller than Little Rock) with still having Target, Old Navy & Chili's only 10 minutes away! A lot of you were wondering why I chose to live in Bryant, as opposed to moving to Arkadelphia since that's where I work. A lot of my friends are still in the Little Rock area and also my church is in Little Rock. So I didn't feel like I could pack up and leave all of that to move to Arkadelphia. Plus, I really don't mind the drive! I just hop on I-30 and I'm at work in around 40 minutes!

I have a couple of countdowns going on right now! My [former...::tear::] roommate, Kate Shell, is getting married on New Years Eve!!! 22 DAYS!!!! Kate is getting married to her boyfriend of almost 3 years, Adam Cooper! (Doesn't Kate Cooper just sound amazing? Sounds like a movie star!) Adam is a great guy. I definitely approve :) (like at this point, it would even matter! HA!) And as much as I love weddings, I especially love weddings when they involve my best friends!! I bawled like a baby at Megan's wedding and started crying before Bethany's ceremony even started. So I'm interested to see what kind of water works will come with Kate's wedding. I'm just a crier, ok?

I'm also counting down for Christmas!!! 16 DAYS!!! Here is my list! (Mom & Dad...take notes! haha)

1.) Vera Bradley duffel bag & hair straightener holder

2.) One Tree Hill Season 8

3.) HOBO wallet

4.) Pandora bracelet

5.) Pots & pans... yes I'm asking for pots & pans for Christmas :)

That's pretty much it. This year, I'm trying not to focus so much on gifts. But just spending as much quality time with family and friends as I can. I'm so thankful that have the people in my life that I do. They keep me grounded and keep me sane!! They have to put up with me all year long!

What are YOU wanting for Christmas???

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